We have implemented a KYC/AML process to protect our investors and clients.

Please fill this form to apply for whitelist of pre-TGE (token generation event). First 100 investors will get 20% discount for PlasmaBank tokens.
KYC — Know Your Customer
AML — Anti-Money Laundering

KYC/AML is a due diligence process by which a company can verify the identity of its customers, making sure that the money they wish to send was acquired legitimately and that the customer is not part of a sanctioned list, a criminal, a terrorist or corrupt organisation .

If you participate in the PlasmaBank TGE, and you contribute less than 5000 CHF or equivalent, we will complete a simplified KYC/AML check whereby your first and last name will be verified.

If you contribute 5000 CHF or more you will need to complete the full KYC/AML process. This is quite an easy process that requires you to upload a proof of id (identity card, passport or drivers license or other) and a proof of recidency ( a utility bill statement, phone statement, bank statement or similar).

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Thank you. We will contact you for next step.

Sincerely yours,
PlasmaBank Team

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